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      Pain Management Clinic in Omaha, NE

      Pain Management Clinic Omaha NE

      Pain Management Doctor

      Pain management doctors specialize in caring for patients who are dealing with chronic or acute pain, whether resulting from injury, disease, or otherwise.

      Customized Pain Relief Programs

      Our pain specialist, Dr. Padron, creates customized pain management plans for patients that may include therapy, medication management, or minimally invasive procedures. When creating a customized pain management plan, Dr. Padron will evaluate the patient and their medical history, in addition to performing tests to arrive at a precise diagnosis.

      Treatment of Chronic Pain

      Chronic pain may be treated with a variety of methods. It can be treated with injections, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, exercise, and psychological treatments.

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      To schedule your consultation with the top pain doctor in Omaha, NE, please call (402) 933-8375 or contact us online today!

      Our Location

      Interventional Pain Management Specialists: Ernesto Padron MD
      3213 South 24th St., Suite 101B
      Omaha, NE 68108
      Phone: (402) 933-8375

      Pain management and hormone optimization clinic serving patients in Omaha, NE and the surrounding Douglas County communities.

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