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      mi nombre es corina alfaro tengo 34 años octubre del 2018 fui a la clinica del doctor padron por un dolor que tenia en mi ombro derecho y en mi espalda a causa de un accidente de carro un amigo me recomendo que tratara biote hormonal que me podia ayudar y decidi tratarlo por primera vez antes de empesar el tratamiento de biote hormonal me sentia cansada estresada me costaba mucho para dormir por la noches fastidiada enojada de mal humor deprimida es increible ya no siento el dolor que tenia en mi hombro y espalda me siento con mucha energia puedo dormir muy bien en Las noches esta es mi 3 vez que lo ago y lo seguire haciendo porque me ayudado demasiado gracias al dr Ernesto padron y biote hormonal me siento como si tu biera 20 años de edad con suficiente energia para continuar con mi vida cotidiana

      - Alfaro P.

      Dr. Padron is a provider of excellent pain management care! His patients love him and we are happy to have him doing his procedures at South Omaha Surgical Center.

      - Emily S.

      Words cant explain to tell anybody how happy and thankful I am . Dr Padron has fixed me and changed my life after being unable to have a mestrual cycle for a whole year like a normal women it happened after having the BIOTENE after 1 week of implantation . I feel energized ,less fatigue,alert and less brain fogs. Overall im so happy with the product I will continue with this treatment and the sucess it has brought to me and im very grateful thank you to Dr Padron and jakie GOD blesss you guys this treatment is life changing .I will reccomend it to anybody that tells me they are tired and feel out of place .Thank you for making me feel normal.

      - Jaime A.

      Dr. Padron is an excellent pain management physician! He also does the BioTE implants and I started them in November. I feel.so much better since I started the implants. they are quick and very minimal pain with the insertion in the hip.

      - Brian W.

      Fast, accurate, informative, and friendly costumer service. Amazing products. my mother suffers from physical and mental illnesses. I've lived most of my life taking care of her due to her disabilities but a week after I forced her to get the BioTE treatment I was at a loss for words. It was as if she took on a whole new personality. No anxiety or depression episodes. No authorities or tetonities pain. Even more shocking, no bipolar or schizophrenia episodes. She became a bubble of energetic positivity and indistructable determination that can keep up with those in their 20s. Admittedly, it was a shock that brought a sense of pride and happiness to not just me but her as well. 100% recommend. They only give you what your body specifically needs and it's a natural hormone and vitamin solution that cant be bought anywhere else. Give it a shot.

      - Ashley M.

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